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Why Helen Flanagan isn't married to Scott Sinclair and why they lived miles apart

Jan 25, 2024Jan 25, 2024

Former Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan, who hasn't shared a bed with her footballerfiancé for seven years, has been engaged since 2018 but they are yet to tie the knot

Helen Flanagan has previously admitted she has 'done things the wrong way round' with partner Scott Sinclair.

The fomer Coronation Street star and her footballer fiancé have been together since 2009 and got engaged in May 2018.

Three years after the Preston North End winger got down on one knee, the couple are still yet to get married but are back living together with their three kids.

Helen and Scott are parents to Matilda, six, Delilah, three, and son Charlie, 13 months - with the Rosie Webster actress recently confessing they haven't shared a bed since their eldest was born.

In June last year, there were rumours that the pair had tied the knot after Helen referred to Scott as her "hubby" on Instagram.

But they definitely have not had their nuptials yet because they keep getting distracted with other things.

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"We’re so busy with the kids, we keep getting sidetracked," Helen told The Mirror in November last year.

"We’ve just moved into our forever home, so we want to do work on that too. Scott [Sinclair] and I have been together for so long now that we’re being lazy about wedding planning.

"But I do want a big wedding to celebrate the fact that we’ve been together since we were 19."

During an appearance on Loose Women in May last year, Helen suggested that they might get married in 2023.

"Me and Scott have been together since 2009, we’ve been together forever," she told the panel. "We've kind of done things the wrong way around. We’ve had three children first.

"The thing is, we’re really excited about the wedding but it's something to look forward to as well, we’ve had our children first.

"Everything's just so uncertain, everybody's going to get married in 2022 if we get the go ahead to have weddings abroad, so I think it’ll be super busy. So it might be 2023, but I am really excited to plan that."

There have been times where Helen and Scott were forced to live apart over the years due to their succesful careers.

Back in 2017, Helen had to move in with her parents in Manchester while she was back on Corrie doing a three-month stint.

Scott was living in the family home in Scotland as he was playing for Celtic, so they only got to see each other at the weekends.

Speaking on Loose Women, Helen said: "Me and Matilda live with my mum and dad during the week and at weekends we’re in Glasgow with Scott because he plays for Celtic. It's really lovely actually, it's nice to have a break.

"It's not easy, but I really wanted to go back to work and I’ve always been really supportive of his career and he's always been really supportive of mine."

The couple had always rented and were constantly moving due to Scott's football career, but now they live together in their dream 'forever home', which has a Harry Potter playroom.

At the end of last year, Helen has explained how she believes Charlie will be her final baby.

When asked how life as a mum-of-three is, she said: "I like to be productive and yesterday I felt like I got nothing done as I was holding Charlie all day. But I try to treasure every moment because it goes so quickly.

"In 10 years’ time I’ll want more than anything to hold a baby in my arms again, but I do think it's likely that Charlie will be my last baby."

Helen has been very open about her breastfeeding journey and how much she enjoys bonding with baby Charlie.

"I love breastfeeding as I like the bonding (I know you can bond with your babies in lots of ways of course)," she explained.

"I like that it's just something that I can do and that my baby needs just me. He's likely my last baby and I want to soak this all up. I feel quite emotional about stopping."

However, Helen opened up further last week and revealed she had decided to stop breastfeeding and gradually wean her son off.

The star posted: "I've decided to stop feeding. I've really enjoyed nursing Charlie but the past month I've just had enough.

"Today was the first day I'm trying to gradually wean him off during the day (he feeds too much). I love being a mum and I'm so grateful for my babies, but I've just felt so drained so making some changes.

"I've never had any childcare for Charlie but I've decided to get some week. To help him eat more and get off the boob. It's just different stages and they will pass."

Helen hit the headlines this week when she revealed she hasn't shared a bed with Scott for seven years, but it's for a really sweet reason.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Helen explained: "I've always co slept with Charlie and the breast feeding went hand in hand.

"I'm doing my house up at the moment ( hence why most of my pics are taken in lounge area as I haven't got round to the rest).

"One of my next jobs is mine and Scott's room and after seven years it would be nice as a couple to actually share a bed and not feel like flat mates!. I’ve always just co slept with the kids out of easiness and just basically so I can sleep and just function in the morning."

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