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Reader's Truck: Chevy Colorado ZR2 with Lots of Performance Parts and 34

Apr 28, 2023Apr 28, 2023

Building your own high speed desert runner.

If you want to take your Chevy Colorado ZR2 off-road to the next level, here is a quick story from one of the owners, Walter Locke, who has upgraded his ZR2 with a whole array of Chevy Performance and other parts. Check our this modified ZR2.

All images in this post have been provided by Walter.

We all love customizing and modifying our trucks. Chevrolet offers an extensive list of ZR2 upgrades to make the truck ever more off-road capable. Walter decided to use this as an opportunity to build up his truck, and perhaps even use it for off-road tours in and around Redmond, Oregon.

Here is what Walter sent in …

Truck modifications:

ZR2 Front Lift Kit #84621360ZR2 Ball Spline Half Shafts #84429060ZR2 Jounce Striker/Leaf Spring Mount System #84422116

ZR2 Long Travel Leaf Spring System #84402368ZR2 Tie Rod Sleeve System #84419134ZR2 Steel Driveshaft #84401894

Awaiting install due to grinding/cutting are…ZR2 Front Jounce Shock System #84403780ZR2 Rear Jounce Shock System #84422546ZR2 Rear Differential Cover #84401895

Basically everything for a diesel ZR2 minus the long travel DSSVs shocks (future possibilities?)

Install was straight forward good clear instructions from Chevrolet Performance Parts, all torque specs provided, high quality parts.

Truck handles great, I clear 34×10.5 BFG KO2s on stock wheels, no trimming. The truck has tightened up out back feels good & firm empty, no complaints from my wife in terms of daily drivability. With these upgrades & tires I am now at the price of a Gladiator Rubicon & I would think have more capability in at least a few areas.

The truck has truly been fantastic with the upgrades. It is such a great platform. The shock mounts are nearly a foot off the ground now.

Here is a video overview of most of these performance parts.