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Jesel Sportsman Roller Lifters

Apr 23, 2023Apr 23, 2023

As with Jesel's popular Sportsman Series rocker line, the Jesel Sportsman Series Tie-Bar Lifters offer the same Jesel quality and durability at a lower cost. From mild drag engines, street/strip builds, pleasure boats to circle track, these lifters will give you bulletproof performance.

These Sportsman lifters use a polished version of the same 8620 heat-treated body Jesel uses in its Pro series line and are assembled with bronze bushing cam rollers. In addition to the lifter body, the Sportsman Series lifters also share the same roller, axle, tie-bar and hardware found in the Pro Series line.

The bronze bushings used in the roller package has been durability tested through hundreds of torturous dyno pulls and over a million cycles on Jesel's in-house Spintron. A direct pressure fed oiling circuit ensures that the bushings receive an adequate oil supply as the lifter travels through the lift cycle.

Lifters are available for select OE and aftermarket applications with a range of lifter body diameters from .842" to .905" with either offset or on-center pushrod seats.

Oil flow should never be restricted to any Jesel Precision Roller Lifter. For more info: